wireless hoppers

You can level hoppers. Up to level 7.

Hoppers can:

- teleport players

- wireless transport items into chests and other hoppers.

- autocraft items before placing in chest.

- filter items or destroy items into void.

- pickup dropped items in a radius ( max 3 blocks )

- break blocks that are put above it.


sync hoppers to other hoppers or crates.

left click a  hopper to show the menu.

crouch to mine hoppers.


vote rewards

Vote to get a vote key. These can be used at /warp vote to get items. Also check /rewards to see the other voting rewards you can get.

sync touch

You can get "sync touch" at the admin shop.

This enchantment let you sync the item you enchanted with a chest.


All things you mine / kill will go instantly into the chest.

It does not use silk touch.



Currently we have the following warps:

- /adminshop









-/warp vote


color name items

You can rename any item on any anvil and use colors in the name.

click on this text to link to a colorguide.


Gold bags

The server uses gold bags as the main currency.

Store them safely in the bank or a protected chest.

You can lose gold, just as you would lose other items on death.


Player Perks

do /special.

Here you can get player perks with ingame money.



do /kit to get a list of available kits for you.

example: /kit claimtool will get you a goldenshovel.



Every 5 - 15 minutes a boss will spawn in the dungeon.

Kill the bosses to gain epic loot.

Hidden spawn loot

Keep an eye on spawn. Sometimes admins hide items around spawn.

player shops (/market)

Players can rent a small area at spawn to build a shop.

Left click a vacant sign to rent the area, click it again to extend the rent time.


To unrent an area do /as unrent while standing inside the area.


Shops are chest based.

the command is /shop amount sell buy


To create a shop to sell 64 coal for 500 to players you do:


-hold a coal in hand.

-do /shop create 64 500 0

-click chest

-fill chest with coal


To remove a shop /shop remove


show your items

Players can show to items they have to other players.

-hold item

-do /show



Players can earn money buy taking jobs.

do /decorshop

Here you will find an NPC to get up to 2 jobs.

to leave a job do /jobleave jobname


decor heads

do /decorshop

Here you will find an NPC that sells decor heads for diamonds.


do /farm

This will teleport you to the servers resource farm.


VIP farm

do /vipfarm (if you are a VIP player)

This will teleport you to the servers VIP resource farm.



do /donate

to see the available donation perks.

Donation help us to keep the server running.


vote links