wireless hoppers

You can level hoppers. Up to level 7.

Hoppers can:

- teleport players

- wireless transport items into chests and other hoppers.

- autocraft items before placing in chest.

- filter items or destroy items into void.

- pickup dropped items in a radius ( max 3 blocks )

- break blocks that are put above it.


sync hoppers to other hoppers or crates.

left click a  hopper to show the menu.

crouch to mine hoppers.


vote rewards

Vote to get a vote key. These can be used at /warp vote to get items. Also check /rewards to see the other voting rewards you can get.


Currently we have the following warps:

- /adminshop









-/warp vote


color name items

You can rename any item on any anvil and use colors in the name.

click on this text to link to a colorguide.


Gold bags

The server uses gold bags as the main currency.

Store them safely in the bank or a protected chest.

You can lose gold, just as you would lose other items on death.


Player Perks

do /special.

Here you can get player perks with ingame money.



do /kit to get a list of available kits for you.

example: /kit claimtool will get you a goldenshovel.



There are multiple Bosses to kill.

You need a spawn item to spawn the bosses.

Hidden spawn loot

Keep an eye on spawn. Sometimes admins hide items around spawn.

player shops (/market)

Players can rent a small area at spawn to build a shop.

Left click a vacant sign to rent the area, click it again to extend the rent time.


To unrent an area do /as unrent while standing inside the area.


Shops are chest based.

the command is /shop amount sell buy


To create a shop to sell 64 coal for 500 to players you do:


-hold a coal in hand.

-do /shop create 64 500 0

-click chest

-fill chest with coal


To remove a shop /shop remove


show your items

Players can show to items they have to other players.

-hold item

-do /show



Players can earn money buy taking jobs.

do /decorshop

Here you will find an NPC to get up to 2 jobs.

to leave a job do /jobleave jobname


decor heads

do /decorshop

Here you will find an NPC that sells decor heads for diamonds.


do /farm

This will teleport you to the servers resource farm.


VIP farm

do /vipfarm (if you are a VIP player)

This will teleport you to the servers VIP resource farm.



do /donate

to see the available donation perks.

Donation help us to keep the server running.


vote links